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Frequently Asked Questions:


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the value of my car?

The value of your car depends on condition and construction of your model.
Our area of expertise lies in spare parts, and we do note appraise vehicles.

+ Do you buy or sell vehicles?

No, we are only dealing with spare parts, but we gladly publish your offers or asks with detailed pricing and contact information in our store.

+ My car does not start up, what is wrong?

At breakdowns or other technical problems, please contact your shop or a break-down service.

+ Why don't you sell your parts online?

We carry over 18.000 parts and can see to additional 40.000. We put great emphasize on getting you the right parts. With such a great selection, we can not provide you with a comprehensive search tool online.

+ Steyr-Daimler-Puch and affiliated models:

the Steyr-Daimler Puch AG was founded in 1934 by the fusion of the Steyr-Plant and the Austro-Daimler Puch AG. The following notations were used:

Austro Daimler:
Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and military trucks (only pre-war)No supplier for spare parts known

Mainly two-wheelerParts dealers:

Passenger cars, trucks (only pre-war)
No supplier for spare parts known
http://members.chello.at/t.winkelbauer/ great Steyr Infopage
http://www.oemvv.at/ Umbrella organization of all Austrian veteran car clubs, includes a Steyr index

Trucks postwar: today MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Vertrieb OHG
link: http://www.oesn.at/

Tractor postwar: http://www.steyr-traktoren.at/

+ Steyr-Puch

Starting 1957, all compact cars and all-terrain vehicles manufactured in the Puchplant in Graz, were called Steyr-Puch.
We attend to all of those compact cars and Haflinger.

+ Where else can I get Information on Austrian veteran cars?

http://www.austroclassic.com/ the Austrian Magazine for veteran cars

http://www.oemvv.at/ Umbrella organization for all well-known Austrian veteran car clubs

http://www.tulln.at/messe/ The main fair for veteran cars in Austria, located in Tulln, yearly at the beginning of June

+ Do you sell parts for Pinzgauer?

No those parts are still distributed through regular retail.

+ Do you sell parts for Steyr-Puch components production?

No. Steyr-Puch all-wheel drives were manufactured for many makers. Please contact the manufactures directly for those parts.

+ Do you also sell parts for Puch/Mercedes G?

No, you can obtain those at the authorized Mercedes dealer.


E-mails, privacy

+ Why do you need my information?

To answer all inquires, we have to be able to connect them to the person and the vehicle. Only then we can help you correctly and effectively.

+ Will you share my information to third parties?

No, all data is protected. Your privacy is important to us, and we have taken appropriate preventive measures.

+ I don't get an answer to my e-mail.

We do answer all e-mails. Problems are often related with wrong e-mail addresses (when you mistyped your address in the forms), full inboxes, or difficulties with providers. If you don't hear from us, please check above mentioned details and try again. We can also be reached by calling ++43 1 4095191.

+ Do I have to send all e-mails through the forms on your website?

No, once you are registered, you will find our e-mail address in the catalogues and when we answer your request, so you can contact us by using your regular email program.

Our selection of parts:

We have over 18.000 new parts in store and can acquire almost 40.000 additional ones.

+ Do you also carry used parts?

No, used parts can not offer the quality that we are providing.

+ What kind of parts do you offer?

In general we are offering only new parts, which we are acquiring worldwide. This also includes many original parts.

+ Where do you get these parts?

We buy at well-known manufacturers. Many parts are also exclusively manufactured for us. We have purchased tools by former suppliers to produce parts especially for our customers.

+ Do you carry original parts or replicas?

Many distributors that we are working with are original manufacturers or are using the same production line. Many of those parts are made in a better quality today and of course some of the original parts have expiration dates. We will never sell you expired parts - even though they might be original. Parts that do not meet our quality requirement will be listed as B-quality in our catalogues.

+ How can I order parts with you?

Please use the numbers from our catalogues or the original part number. This applies in particularly for all vehicles that are not available in the Austrian market. You can get the appropriate catalogues listing also articles for international vehicles at our store.

Catalogues and Catalogue requests

+ Why do you need the data of the vehicle?

Only by having this data we can send you the appropriate catalogue. And when you order parts, this data helps us to find the exact parts for you.

+ Do you check this data?

Yes, we do not send catalogues if the request we received was invalid.

Please note that guidelines vary depending on the vehicles.

.) Please check the FAQ attached to the menu of the vehicle that you are looking for.
.) Please check the FAQs while you are in the catalogue-request-form
.) Click here for Steyr-Puch


+ How can I place an order?

You can place an order via phone, mail, fax or e-mail. Please remember to include an address and how we can contact you with questions about your order.

+ Do I have to fill out a special form?

No, but the format you choose should indicate that you are placing an order.

Foreign Shipment (costs and payment methods)

Please look at the summary in the download area of the specific brands under the menu spare parts.

+ When do you send?

In general, we are able to mail on the day of your order, due to our comprehensive storage

+ To what locations do you ship the parts?

We ship parts for Steyr-Puch worldwide.

+ What do I do when I need the parts in express delivery?

On your request we can ship your order via express delivery (EMS, parcel services, �). Some of those services do guarantee a shipment time.

+ Are the shipments insured?

Yes, full insurance of the shipment is covered by the shipment costs.
Please check our standard business conditions (only German) to find out how to proceed in the sevent of damage.

+ What are the costs of shipment?

We generally use postal services for shipment, small orders as letters (more cost effective than packages), bigger orders as packages.

Please find details on standard postal rates under

Costs for packages are:
Base: Euro 12,50

Additionally per kg:

                    Standard   fast
zone 1a 0,75 1,50
zone 1b 1,00 2,00
zone 2 2,00 4,00
zone 3 3,00 6,00
zone 4 4,50 9,00
zone 5 6,50 13,00

The packages sent via standard mail will be transported via sea route or without priority on the plane.

The fast package will always be sent on the fastest path.

zone 1a: all EU neighbours
Zone 1b: the Rest of the EU, Sitzerland
Zone 2: the Rest of Europe, Mediteranian countries in Africa
Zone 3: the West and North of Africa
Zone 4: the rest of Africa, America, the South and East of Asia
Zone 5: Australia, New Sealand, Oceanic countries

Please inquire about details of those zones.

All packages are insured with above mentioned rates, except USA, Canada, and Australia. Insurance rates for those countries cost an additional 2,10 Euro and 0,5% of the value (minimum is 5 Euro).

Parcel services:

We do use parcel services within the EU.Those rates are cheaper in some countries (BRD, Benelux). Other advantages are: they are delivered faster and can be tracked via the Internet. Disadvantage: signature of the recipient is necessary.

Individual Shipment:
In addition there are several other possibilities for shipments abroad. Please contact our sales office directly for those costs.

Please note, that sales taxes will be added for taxable mailings (within the EU for private customers). Tax is 20 % and is reduced to 10 % for Literatur.

+ When do you ad sales tax?

All prices in our price lists include sales tax. This tax applies for Austria and all private customers in the EU. Outside of the EU prices apply without sales tax (normally 20 % except 10% for literature).
We have bracketed the net prices left to the prices including sales tax.

+ Is sales tax applied for industrial customers within the EU?

No, if you send us a valid UID-number, we can send your order to you without charging sales tax. Please note that this number is not your tax number, and that you will have to apply separately for this number. (For example in Germany: UID number: DE 123 456 789)

+ How an I pay?

We prefer credit cards

+ What do I have to do to pay by credit card?

We will need the card (Visa card or Eurocard), the number (4 x 4 numbers), the name of the card holders (family members are ok), and the expiration date (month, year). You can send us those dates via telephone or fax . Online is a secure transfer of your creditcard details on a special page possible. Your data will be transmitted coded (SSL) and is kept secret.

We will take care of the rest.

+ Do you need the data every time?

No as long as the card is not expired, we do not need it again.

+ What securities do I have when using credit card?

Our mailings are insured and the transactions are documented by the credit card companies.

Collect on delivery:

+ Do you use collect on delivery?

Collect on delivery is only possible in Germany and Switzerland. The cost for this service is Euro 10,50 (without sales taxes) and additional costs can be incurred at delivery. We suggest using credit cards for payments, to avoid those charges.

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